Mystery Spatula Theater 11

Eat the Cast of Mystery Spatula Theater 11

Here is a list of the major key players in the dramatic saga that is Mystery Spatula Theater 11. Special guest stars and the like are also mentioned, but at the bottom. Hey, quit screaming "favoritism."

Maxwell J. Dunham III

Played by Matthew "Fringe" Duhan

Max was a sous chef on the local cable show "Cooking with the Cooking Guy" and general tech person until the Mads shot him into space. He was the second person forced to endure these horrors.

While listed as the second human host of MST11, Max is technically the third - well, and the first. After popping off into an alternate dimension, Simon, the actual second, came aboard. He didn't last too long in the Test Kitchen before the Mads realized he couldn't riff his way out of a paper bag. Max, however, has a finely tempered wit, and his adventures with the bots have endeared in him some manner or another to the twisted geniuses holding him hostage.

Dr. Hieronymous Mushmeyer

Played by Curtis_LeMay

Dr. Mushmeyer, or "Dr. M" to his enemies, is the mad scientist's mad scientist. Working in close proximity with transmitters and probably any other piece of electronic equipment must have pickled his brain, because the only job he can get these days is Programming Director, B-Grade, of TV-6. This means he's supposed to screen all the cheesy movies for the channel to determine which are fit (or unfit) for human consumption, but to make time for all his evil plotting he forces his human hostage to watch 'em instead! Such a cruel, cruel person...

Dr. Fran Tastic

Played by Carrie "Tastic" Dahlby and Devon White

Dr. Tastic was once the lovable, cuddly Dr. Frank Taunheiser, until an accident involving gamma radiation, a spider, a meteor, and 3 pounds of string cheese turned him into the evil Dr. Tastic. Think more Dr. Hyde and Mr. Hyde rather than Dr. Jeckyl and Mr. Hyde though. While his/her mutated genetic structure has not yet stabilized, he/she has teamed up with Dr. M to wreak havoc upon the world for allowing such a thing to occur. And because that way he/she doesn't have to pay for cable...

Spork Q. Robot

Played by Curtis_LeMay and the "Great" Luke Ski

Spork is the l33t gold robot aboard the Test Kitchen. Sitting on the right-hand side of the screen as they watch movies, Spork comments on life with a wry wit and a sense of timing. And naturally, he thinks the bathroom jokes are the funniest.

Petra Servo

Played by Carrie "Tastic" Dahlby and Devon White

Pete Servo had an accident during season one with his personality matrix and Nanichuan brand spring water. Now the happy-go-lucky Petra Servo spouts numerous dark pieces of sentiment and sarcastically questions the filmmakers' sense and sanity, yet we love her so. Perhaps it's her perfume.


Played by Matthew "Fringe" Duhan

Bouncey is part leftover electronics, part space jellyfish that was found floating in a bowl in the back of the fridge. She has limited mental capacity, and so is content to sit aimlessly and fly the satellite, rather than join the others watching bad movies. After all, they don't want her losing what little brains she has to something like Manos.


Simon was Max's immediate replacement after Max escaped the Test Kitchen, but only lasted 15 minutes before Drs. M and T had had enough of him, and was beamed off the Test Kitchen, last seen in Guatemala or some place.

Fletcher, the Talking Dog

Fletcher joined the Test Kitchen in episode 106 "Masters of the Universe" thanks to Max's Willing Suspension of Disbelief Bridge and unwittingly helped Max escape, thus earning the title "Man's best friend." Sadly, Fletcher left when Max was forced back from an alternate universe in episode 107 "Stargate."

Special Guest Stars

Played by the great Luke Ski

Dementia artist extraordinaire the great Luke Ski has graciously joined the crew from time to time. He has played various visitors to the Test Kitchen and Quality Control, including Dr. Hotman, Jeremy Irons, NASA Geek, Lara's boyfriend, Wesley Crusher, and Vanilla Ice.